Memorable playdate

For the first time ever, I found the courage to bring all three boys out to a dear friend’s house. Usually, I’d venture out with my entire “brood” only when hubby is around.

And we had a peaceful time! 🙂

Here’s how we did it:

– friend stays nearby and arranged to pick us up and drop us back

– prep talk with the older boys beforehand: if they behaved well, the host may invite them again next time. If they misbehaved, then probably no more playdate invitation for a long time

– going to another place means they need time to warm up (less hyper)

– going to a place with new toys keeps them entertained for a long time. Basically, they played with toy cars and a garage with slide for 2 hours while I chatted in complete peace!!!

– little El is nearly 14 months old and doesn’t need a mid-morning nap, so he was happy to play alongside the older kids

I’m so thankful to my friend for having us over. As little El becomes more independent, we’d probably have a lot more outdoor fun.

May you and your kids have fun too! 🙂

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