Believe you’re wonderful

A mummy emailed to ask me the ingredients of a laundry detergents, ending her email with a pinge of guilt:

i have regretted buying a lot of unsafe product all this while. sigh, just to think that i have exposed my girl to so much chemical without knowing it makes me feel like such a bad mum. 🙁

Here’s my reply to her and to all who feel mummy-guilt:

“We’re all mums and are learning along the way. Put aside all guilty feelings. As long as you try to stay informed, it’s really fine.

There’s a lot of misinformation or articles trying to scare us on the Internet. Just try what’s within your means and reach… Believe that you’re a wonderful mum. All the very best!”

Thank you for reading this, wonderful mums (and dads)!

~ MieVee

2 thoughts on “Believe you’re wonderful”

  1. Dear mummy,

    I would like to ask you how do you manage to persuade Vee to stay in bed from 2-4pm even though he is not napping? I am trying to get him on bed during 3-4pm and read or play quietly without success

    1. During quiet time, I’d draw all the curtains. I’ve added a “blackout” layer to block out most of the light, so the entire house / room becomes very dim. Vee tunes down better in a dark and peaceful environment.

      For a period of time, he enjoyed listening to audio books. (He’s an audio boy.) We have a pair Crayola headphones, I play a soothing story at low volume. Then he lay on the bed to listen. Many times, he fell asleep!

      Sometimes he prefers classical music. As long as they’re soothing, that’s fine.

      Sometimes, he just wants to laze on the sofa / bed with a toy car, which is fine too.

      During that time, I’d only read or use the computer to do quiet work. Or quiet cleaning of the house. Nothing to make him seem like he’s missing out much fun.

      All the best! 🙂

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