Helping parents make smart purchasing decision

Mummy’s Reviews™ aims to help you:

  • discover solutions for yourselves and your baby / toddler
  • save time researching and shopping
  • save money by getting only effective products and services
  • cloth diaper and/or breastfeed baby successfully, if you’re open to the idea

The Mummy behind this blog

I am MieVee, a Work-At-Home-Mum who relocated from Singapore to Malaysia just when my pregnancy was discovered. Giving up my career initially, going through pregnancy, delivery and bringing up a newborn away from home have been challenging yet the rewards of being a Mummy are sweet.

My children are now 10yo, 8yo and 6yo.

Why I started this blog

A few months into my first pregnancy in June 2008, I started reading up and soon became overwhelmed with the extremely long check-list of things to buy for baby and myself. The upside was the opportunity to shop at every opportunity for the remaining months of my pregnancy.

Since there was a buffet of options available for many of the things needed, my husband and I took care to research well before making a decision, especially for big-ticket items. I also relied heavily on online reviews, such as from Diaper Pin on cloth diapers and Amazon.com on toys, shared by parents round the globe.

This was when I discovered a dearth of reviews and parenting tips by Asian parents. Moreover, I wanted very much to share great finds and experiences with many friends who are also entering parenthood, so Mummy’s Reviews™ was started in July 2009 when my son, Vee, started to nap well.

Living in Malaysia and being away from family and friends in Singapore, I also hope to build a community of parents for sharing experiences in child-raising.

Thousands of parents read Mummy’s Reviews

Up to April 2019, there were more than 4,000 subscribers on our email list. However, as I’ve decided to focus on researching on education and developing workshops for parents, Mummy’s Reviews will serve as an archive and no longer be updated.

You are welcome to visit our other blog at MummysHomeschool.com.


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Updated on: 24 April 2019