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Helping parents make smart purchasing decision

Mummy’s Reviews™ aims to help you:

  • discover new solutions for yourselves and your baby / toddler
  • save time researching and shopping
  • save money by getting only effective products and services
  • cloth diaper and/or breastfeed baby successfully, if you’re open to the idea

The Mummy behind this blog

I am MieVee, a Stay-At-Home-Mum who relocated from Singapore to Malaysia just when my pregnancy was discovered. Giving up my career, going through pregnancy, delivery and bringing up a newborn away from home have been challenging yet the rewards of being a Mummy are sweet.

My first baby (Vee) is now 3.5 years old, born in Feb 2009. The latest addition is Baby Jae, born in Nov 2011.

Why I started this blog

A few months into my first pregnancy in June 2008, I started reading up and soon became overwhelmed with the extremely long check-list of things to buy for baby and myself. The upside was the opportunity to shop at every opportunity for the remaining months of my pregnancy.

Since there was a buffet of options available for many of the things needed, my husband and I took care to research well before making a decision, especially for big-ticket items. I also relied heavily on online reviews, such as from Diaper Pin on cloth diapers and on toys, shared by parents round the globe.

This was when I discovered a dearth of reviews and parenting tips by Asian parents. Moreover, I wanted very much to share great finds and experiences with many friends who are also entering parenthood, so Mummy’s Reviews™ was started in July 2009 when my son, Vee, started to nap well.

Living in Malaysia and being away from family and friends in Singapore, I also hope to build a community of parents for sharing experiences in child-raising.

Thousands of parents read Mummy’s Reviews

As of 11 October 2012, these are the readers and traffic statistics (tracked using Google Analytics):

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Updated on: 11 October 2012