Compliments from Readers

Compliments from Sponsors

Compliments from Readers

“Great posts on the Gratitude series. Tugged my heart and very meaningful and relevant. Thank you! Much love,” — Mummy P., 19 Oct 2015

“Hi MieVee, Thanks so much for your help! … 🙂

Once again, kudos for the information that you are providing us! It has been very insightful and well thought of.

Have a great journey with ur kids and looking forward to read more from you!” — Jin Jin, 29 Feb 2012

“Really enjoyed your posts.. Really enjoyable read and very informative for me as a new mum.. Got hooked and have been going through all your posts for the past few days while nursing Baby D” — Nicole, 8 Apr 2011

“Hi MieVee! I’ve been reading your reviews for months and really love your style of reviewing. Concise, brief and all aspects well covered. It is through your writing that I gain more confidence and courage to take the big step into cloth diapering. Seriously I was a nervous wreck, I don’t know why. I need to make sure I know what I am doing before deciding on my first purchase. Took me a long time to figure out the different types of CDs, washing care etc. Great job in running Mummy’s Reviews!” — Ashley, 21 Mar 2011

“It’s been a total saviour for me in my journey to learn about baby products. I just can’t wait for my baby to pop out and use the info gathered from here. Thanks MieVee, you have been the most helpful and most patient with your replies and always fair in your review. Really appreciate it and look forward to know more from you. :)” — Rooma, 21 Dec 2010

“I love your reviews, so thorough & concise. Great for busy mummies.” — Debbie, 20 Dec 2010

“i’m very impressed with the level of details you gave in reviewing the products in yr blog, it really helps ppl who need the info.” — jacss, 27 Jul 2010

“This is the best cloth diaper’s review I’ve ever read!” — prince n princess mum, 6 Jul 2010

“I’m a reader of your blog who’s fr Canada but grew up in Singapore way back. I just wanted to tell you that I enjoyed reading your blog! Even though I no longer live there, it is so nice to read/follow a blog from an SE Asian perspective. … I also love the fact that you’re into cloth diapering, babywearing, breastfeeding and co-sleeping. It’s tough to find blogs to read that focus on those topics and is from M’sia/S’pore.

I also wished I had read your article on Breastfeeding before my baby was born 6 mths ago. I did attend La Leche League meetings but what I learnt there was forgotten once the baby came. Your article was to the point and would’ve made a big difference in the beginninig for me. I did manage to sucessfully breastfeed after much determination and visits from the community health nurses.

Keep up the good work blogging and looking forward to reading your post about why you love breastfeeding and why you finally co-slept [with] your baby.” — Lilibeth, 6 Jul 2010

“Hi MieVee,

Thank you once again for your help in answering my queries [on cloth-diapering].

Consider me your fan and continue to write those interesting and helpful articles of yours!

Thank you and all the best! — Mrs EG, 17 Jun 2010

Breastfeeding: Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid “Hi MieVee,

What a fantastic article! I will definitely refer to it if I have a 2nd child, as my first breastfeeding attempt was not so successful.” — Adline,  Writing by moonlight, 11 May 2010

“Hi MieVee,

Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and things with us. It’s very informative and great tips and advice. Keep up the good work and don’t stop writing. :)” — Diana, 24 Mar 2010

“I am a follower of your blog. I like reading your blog. Very informative. Hope to read more entries on your kid though. Love following his growth. :)” — Shu-yin, 23 Mar 2010

“Hi MieVee,

Very informative and impressive website that you have, really give an insight to many things for all parents out there.

And plus, thank you very much for the giveaways that you have in your website because due to that I got myself a free “Moo Moo Kow™ One-Size Cloth Diaper” and I am loving it!!!

The “Moo Moo Kow™ One-Size Cloth Diaper” is not only a good quality [diaper] but also, it has fresh colours that I just drool over!!

Thanks again. Mummy’s Reviews.” — Aini, 25 Jan 2010

“What a fantastic blog. Keep up the good work!” — Leany, 29 Oct 2009

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Compliments from Sponsors

How to help baby sleep better with TCM at home “Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I appreciate the time and effort you put into using the protocols and it is certainly the most thorough review anyone has written on Holistic Baby. Already I’ve had two sales here in the US, one in Singapore and an additional three pending sales in Singapore. Typically when there has been a give-away associated with a review I have seen no sales at all until after the winner has been announced so your review has sparked a very different response. I am very grateful to you.”

“I’ve continued to receive sales requests from Singapore. You have made Holistic Baby a bestseller in Singapore! Thank you so much!” — Jennifer Taveras, L.Ac., Holistic Baby Sleep System, 13 & 23 Jan 2013

Snoozaboo Baby Sleep Bag review & discount “Hi MieVee, Thanks for your excellent blog post on Snoozaboo. It’s much appreciated! Do keep in touch and hopefully we’ll have more opportunities for future product reviews, etc. 🙂

Best wishes to you and your family!” — Jun, Snoozaboo, 12 Apr 2012

Stylish clothes at amazing prices from Petite Berries “Thank you for your article on Petite Berries. It is very well written and a very fair review.” — Jay Na, Petite Berries, 2 Apr 2012

Swaddle baby easily with Love to Swaddle UP “Hi Mie Vee

Hope you and your kids are doing well.

We had a really good response from your write up.” — Tamy, SMT Distributors, 17 Jan 2012

[Giveaway #17] You’ve got to see The Butterfly Pillow [Stylish Mum’s Essentials #4] “Thank you soooo much for the wonderful review! I’m sharing that in my website, FB and on etsy! I’m so glad you and Baby Vee enjoyed it.” — Mutya, Spinkie, 8 Feb 2011

Homeschooling Fun with My First Sticky Mosaics® “Hi MieVee, Thank you for the reviews.  They are both insightful and professionally written. I hope to continue having great products for you to review in the future too.” — Grace, Simple Thots, 26 Jan 2011

How to Protect Your Baby From Radiation (Belly Armor Belly Blanket) “Hi MieVee,

…Read thru your article and definitely I must say, you have the best review to-date! Thanks so much Mievee. It’s definitely worth it. Looking forward to doing more collaborations with you soon.

All the best!” — BellyArmor.com, 4 Aug 2010

Mother’s Day Feature: Radiant Skin at The Aesthetics Clinic “The management is really happy about the review. Your reviews have great details, unlike other reviews!” — Dr. Dana, The Aesthetics Clinic, 12 May 2010

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